Hailsham Pavilion

Hailsham Pavilion is a wonderful Grade 2 listed cinema and theatre that, due to a previous owner removing the roof prior to going bankrupt, caused the entire interiour including all its decorative plasterworks to collapse. As a result the architects instructed Neil England to raise documentation to restore the interiors back to its original scheme.

From the fragments left and photos found Neil was able to raise a method and materials statement acceptable along with answered concerns over its structural integrity, to the conservation team of the local council to allow its reintroduction. Modern materials (GRG) were used to form the vault saving on weight to the steel trussed roof and of course costs without compromising quality. Neil also worked with the team to guide and deliver to a high standard the work viewable in this most excellent venue He is a life member of its charity.

He has also been instrumental in the restoration of the Dome cinema in Worthing and other public venues in the South.

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