Claremont Fancourt School

Clive of India purchased Claremont estate in 1769. The mansion itself was designed and built between 1771-1779 as a collaboration with Henry Holland and Capability Brown it was subsequently occupied by Queen Victoria, Princess Charlotte and other Heads of State.

Now a highly regarded public school whose Governors hold the Grade 1 Mansion House dear to their hearts, they appointed Neil England to identify concerns and raise documentation, oversee its restoration. He maintains a close working relationship, vital to such a sensitive project.

He was instrumental in identifying collapsing fabric internally, submissions to LBC, designing the structural frames required, working with the original fabric, sourcing materials to original specification and age and only allowing the use of one steel over-arching beam section within the whole restoration. He implemented and guided the work back to full structural integrity, raising documentation and overseeing the work for the restoration of the Great Room also various decorative plasterworks to ceilings and walls in other beautiful rooms. He continues to do so to the present day working within the framework of time constraints dictated by the school calendar.

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