36-37 Sussex Square

For some time now Neil and his colleagues have been involved in the restoration and refinement of these two Grade 1 listed properties.

Rotten material was removed from the porticos down to a point near the to base of the tryglyphs. Measurements were taken and zinc profiles and moulds made. Both structures were then restored back to their original scheme and glory.

Some areas of the interior were in a state of collapse. He oversaw their restoration and ensured that modern fittings could be installed, without compromising the original fabric.

A good example of this can be found in Flat 5, where a kitchen and dining area, laundry, bath and shower room, small library and mezzanine reading area were all incorporated into its massive hallway, without compromising any of the restored plasterwork floors or ornate plaster and glass ceilings.

Neil retains a comprehensive archive on this project.

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